Charles Dickens

birth2/7/1812 in Landport, Hampshire, EnglandPicture of Charles Dickens
death6/9/1870 in Higham, Kent, England
parents John Dickens and Elizabeth Barrow
Charles Dickens 1912
by John Severinus Conway
Light tan patina

This medal was chosen as the sixth issue of the prestigious Circle of Friends if the Medallion series in 1912. The obverse bears large bust of Charles Dickens. Around, CHARLES DICKENS - NOVELIST (*); in right field, To A / BLITHE / SPIRIT / THE F OF / THE M.

The medal's reverse bears Bob Crachit with stunted Tiny Tim on shoulder, holding crutch in right hand and spray of holly in left. In right field, GOD / BLESS / US / ALL EV'RY / ONE; signed in left field, CONWAY.

1912 was the year of the Charles Dickens Centennial and saw a lot of Dickens medals issued. A very similar obverse appeared on the Charles Dickens Centenary medal by Henning Ryden.

The medal measures 70mm in diameter and was struck in bronze by the Davison Company of Philadelphia. The mintage is not known.

70.0mm (2.76in)
Light tan patina