Medal Series & Collections

This page provides a launch pad to several groups or lists of medals. Some groups are official medal series, like the Society of Medalists or the official medals of the American Numismatic Society, others are arbitrary groupings and collections. Some groupings are famous because they represent medal selections published in books or catalogs, like the Marqusee or Baxter groups. Not being super-wealthy, I do not have anything close to a complete set but it can be helpful to have a place to see at least some pictures of medals from these famous medal lists because not every medal in the print edition had an accompanying image.

Not all groups and collections are present yet. This page, like the entire wesbite, is a work in progress. Let me know if you care about a particular group/collection and I'll try to prioritize its pages.

One particular group I would like to point out to you is the group of Underdocumented Medals. This is a place into which I will eventually stick some of the medals I find interesting but don't have much (or any) information on. Please help out by sending me what you know about these medals.