City of New York Golden Anniversary1948

The obverse bears Art Deco style allegory depicting a kneeling female figure (representing the city) with five smaller figures (representing the five boroughs) standing on her extended leg. Around, GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY OF / THE CITY OF NEW YORK / 1948; signed along edge at 5:00 position: MICHAEL LANTZ.

The reverse bears flying male figure at top with skyscrapers below to either side; at bottom right, a reclining female figure holding book; at bottom left, a factory with smokestacks; at center, empty field surrounded by the names of the five boroughs: MANHATTAN BROOKLYN QUEENS BRONX RICHMOND.

The medal commemorates the City of New York's Golden Anniversary and was issued by the Mayor's Committee for the celebration. Shortly after the celebration, the medal was modified, replacing the "1948" date with five stars and replacing the two lines of text with one, and called "The Bronze Medallion." The Bronze Medallion is the highest award given to civilians by the City of New York and is used to this day.

This medal measures 70mm in diameter and was struck in bronze by the Medallic Art Company of New York.

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