Medals relating to New Haven

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Bicentennial of Yale College 1901
Bronze with green patina

This medal's obverse depicts Truth guiding Apollo's chariot. At top, LVX ET / VERITAS; signed at bottom, B L PRATT

The reverse bears five lines of inscription flanked by burning torches, VNIVERSITAS YALENSIS / A D MDCCCCI / CONCELEBRAT / COLLEGIVM YALENSE / A D MDCCI CONDITVM

The edge is hallmarked TIFFANY & CO

Bela Lyon Pratt was himself a graduate of Yale and was commissioned in 1899 by Professors Weir and Niemeyer to design this medal for the upcoming 200th anniversary of Yale College. The medal was struck in silver and bronze. One of the silver medals was given to President Theodore Roosevelt and one of the bronze medals was taken into space by Astronaut Joseph B. Allen.

This is a beautiful medal with a very appropriate design for one of great universities of the world.

The circular medal measures 70mm in diameter and was produced by Tiffany & Company of New York. It was struck in bronze and silver in unknown mintages.

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Harkness Memorial Tower1921 (?)
by Howard Hammitt (?)
Reddish bronze with tan patina

This paperweight shows view of Harkness Memorial Tower at Yale University. At bottom, THE HARKNESS MEMORIAL TOWER / YALE UNIVERSITY

The reverse has maker's mark reading BASTIAN BROS. / CO. / ROCHESTER N.Y. / HOWARD HAMMITT / NEW HAVEN CONN.

The Harkness Memorial Tower is a masonry tower at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. It is named for Charles William Harkness, brother of Yale's largest benefactor Edward Harkness. The tower was constructed between 1917 and 1921 as part of the Memorial Quadrangle donated to Yale by Anna M. Harkness in honor of her recently deceased son, Charles William Harkness, an 1883 Yale graduate. It was designed by James Gamble Rogers, a Yale College classmate of Anna Harkness' other son, Edward S. Harkness. James S. Hedden was the contractor's supervisor for the project and took many photographs of the construction's progress.

This paperweight is relatively common at auction. Over the decades it has probably been a cherished memento for many Yale alumni.

The plaque measures 51mm x 86mm and was manufactured by the Bastian Brothers Company of Rochester, New York.

New Haven - 300th Anniversary1938

The obverse bears scene with Reverend Davenport preaching the sermon Temptations of the Wilderness to the colonists under large oak tree. Below image in center field, THE DESERT SHALL REJOICE; Around top, QUINNIPIACK; at bottom, 1638.

The reverse bears image of modern New Haven with harbor. Below image in center field, AND BLOSSOM AS THE ROSE; Around, THREE HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY OF NEW HAVEN - 1938.

The edge bears the marks ROBBINS CO. / ATTLEBORO - BRONZE.

The medal measures 75mm in diameter and was struck by the Robbins Company of Attleboro, Massachusetts.