Medals relating to the Statue of Liberty

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Statue of Liberty Centennial1985
Bronze with sea-green patina

This is the 55th official medal issued by the American Numismatic Society.

The obverse depicts Lady Liberty's serious face, radiant crown dominating upper half of medal. On lower right, 1886 / 1986.

The reverse bears torch with swirling flames. To right, in cursive, Liberty; around lower left, AMERICAN NUMISMATIC SOCIETY; signed at lower right, E. DAUB

The edge is marked at 6:00 with issuer's mark, © ANS 1985; numbered at 12:00, 423/500.

This heavy and striking medal was issued by the American Numismatic Society (ANS) in 1985 to commemorate the upcoming centennial of the Statue of Liberty. Eugene Daub created a beautiful ovoid medal that surprises in its design. While the Statue of Liberty is very much a vertical object, the oval medal is in landscape orientation. Daub then picks two of the statue's defining features, the head and the torch, to represent it on the two sides. On the obverse, the face looks sternly at the beholder, as if to remind him of his obligations. On the reverse, the flame of Liberty burns brightly, its promise spelled out on the side.

The silver medals are numbered in two styles. Originally, only 100 silver medals had been ordered and they were numbered XXX/100, for example 001/100. When demand for the silver medal proved strong an additional 50 pieces were ordered and they are numbered just with their three digit number.

This medal is an ovoid measuring 100mm x 76mm and was struck by the Medallic Art Company. The mintage was 2 pieces in gold, 150 in silver and 500 in bronze.

Statue of Liberty Calendar Medal1986

The medal's obverse bears walking immigrant family, faces turned upwards in silent awe. Across, the famous lines from Emma Lazarus: GIVE ME / YOUR TIRED, YOUR / HUDDLED - MASSES / YEARN-ING TO / BREAT-HE FREE. / THE WR-ETCHED / REFUSE - OF YOUR / TEEMING - SHORE. SE/ND THEESE, - THE HOME/LESS, TEM-PEST-TOST / TO ME. - I LIFT / MY LAMP - BESIDE / THE GO-LDEN / DOOR. Signed at bottom right, (JOV monogram)

The medal's reverse bears Statue of Liberty's head in center; at its right, 19 / 86; signed over left shoulder with (JOV monogram); twelve segments with months around.

The edge is marked with © 1985 MEDALLIC ART CO. - DANBURY, CT. - BRONZE

In reference to the Statue of Liberty's nickname, this medal is also known as the "Mother of Exiles" medal.

This circular circular medal measures 76mm in diameter and was struck in bronze and silver by the Medallic Art Company of Danbury, Connecticut.

References: MACo 1985-039

Many thanks to CJ Swinko for the excellent photos.