Medals relating to Transportation

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Dual Subway System Citizens Banquet Medal1913

The obverse bears the seal of the city of New York in a wreath. Inscription reading CITIZENS - BANQUET / COMMEMORATING / THE SIGNING OF THE / CONTRACTS FOR THE / DUAL SUBWAY SYSTEM OF / GREATER NEW YORK / APRIL 2, 1913

The reverse bears Hermes, god of travel, conducting a female figure, representing the City, to an approaching subway train.

The banquet on April 2, 1913 capped a time of contentious negotiations, dealings and inter-burrough fighting over the layout and cost of new subway lines and the awarding of the operational contracts. At the banquet, city officials and taxpayers in favor if the chosen plans celebrated the signing of operations contracts for the subway line extensions.

As a keepsake, the guests of honor were handed this medal in gold, whereas regular diners were given a bronze version. While speakers widely praised the artistry of the medal, borough president McAneny caused a good deal of laughter when he speculated that the two figures on the medal were really Brooklynites who had lost their clothing when trying to get on one of the present subway trains during rush hour.

I have intentionally switched the obverse and the reverse images for this medal to show the beautiful, artistic side first. I don't usually do that but I agree with the banquet guests: this is a very artistic medal. I wish I knew the artist who created it. Please contact me if you have any knowledge you can share.

The circular medal measures 51mm in diameter and was struck in gold and bronze by the Whitehead & Hoag Company of Newark. The mintage is not reported.