Medals relating to the Westinghouse Corp.

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Westinghouse Order of Merit Medallion1935
Westinghouse Order of Merit Obverse Westinghouse Order of Merit Reverse
Bronze with olive patina

The obverse bears art deco city scape with factories and skyscrapers surrounding a giant generator building; clouds and sun rays above; house and train engines below. In exergue, * ORDER OF * / MERIT

The reverse bears large silver letter W over palm frond. Around, WESTINGHOUSE AWARD; in lower half, TO / (blank) / WHOM HIS FELLOW / MEN DELIGHT TO / HONOR

The Westinghouse Order of Merit was awarded by Westinghouse Electric Corporation as its highest form of employee recognition. Both management and technical employees were eligible to receive the award.

The medallion has a diameter of 101mm. It was struck in bronze by the Medallic Art Company of New York. The mintage is not reported.

Westinghouse Turbine Generator Plant - 20th Anniversary1989
Golden bronze with tan patina

The obverse bears engineer amidst turbine wheels and gears.

The reverse bears Westinghouse logo in center. Around, CHARLOTTE TURBINE / GENERATOR PLANT / 1969 / CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF QUALITY / 1989

The edge is marked © 1989 MEDALLIC ART CO.-DANBURY, CT.-BRONZE

I have not been able to find out much about this medal yet. Please contact me if you have information about the artist or the mintage.

The medal measures 76mm (3in) in diameter and was struck in bronze by the Medallic Art Company of Danbury, Connecticut.