Artist Name

birth1894 in Buffalo, NYPicture of Peter Dalton
death1972 in Pasadena, CA
educationAlbright Art Gallery, Buffalo,
National Academy of Design,
Art Students League of New York,
Beaux Arts Institute of Design
awardsWatrous Gold Medal (1947 and 1950),
$1,000 Prize for Sculpture, National Academy of Design (1947),
Samuel F. B. Morse Medal (1951)

Peter Dalton was born in 1894 in Buffalo, New York. Dalton started getting interested in art very early on and began studying at the local Albright Art Gallery. When he developed more as an artist, the Gallery gave him a generous scholarship to further his education. He continued his studies at the Art Students League of New York as well as the National Academy of Design and the Beaux Arts Institute of Design. At the Arts Students League of New York, Dalton was lucky to find many mentors, including Mahonri Young, who produced the 30th medal in the Society of Medalists Series. He married his wife, fellow artist Dorothea Chase, in 1924. She had also studied at the Art Students League of New York, but as a painter.

Dalton was a member of the National Academy of Design, the National Institute of Arts and Letters, the Audubon Society of Artists, Salons of America, and the National Sculpture Society.

Dalton spent most of his life in and around New York, but at his death was living in Pasadena, California.

There is not much information about Peter Dalton online, so if you happen to be familiar with his personal and professional life or his other works, we would love to hear from you.

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  • Brethren Dwelling in Unity 1953
    by Peter Dalton
    Golden bronze with light tan patina

    This medal was chosen as the 48th issue of the prestigious Society of Medalists series in 1953. The obverse bears lightly draped man clasping hand of nude man holding olive branch. Around, TO BEHOLD HOW GOOD AND HOW PLEASANT IT IS FOR / BRETHREN / TO DWELL TOGETHER IN UNITY; between heads, PSALM 133; below right figure, © P.D.

    The reverse bears a plow over an olive spray. Around, THEY SHALL BEAT THEIR SWORDS / INTO PLOUGHSHARES; to left, © P D

    Peter Dalton stated in his message "From the Artist":

    "With the survival of the world so dependent on peaceful means, the verse from the 133rd Psalm seems to take on added significance."

    This medal measures 73mm in diameter and was produced by the Medallic Art Company which struck 657 pieces in bronze.

    73.0mm (2.87in)
    Golden bronze with light tan patina
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Books & Articles

American Art Medals, 1909-1995 by David Thomason Alexander
David T. Alexander's book can be purchased at the above link. Highly recommended for anyone interested in SOM. I am deeply indebted to him for all the information I used to document the SOM medals on this site.

Research Archives and Websites

The Milwaukee Journal, December 27, 1953
A report on Dalton's design being selected by the Society of Medalists.
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Information about Dalton from the National Academy, where he studied.