Midland Utilities Life Saving Medal 1928

The medal's obverse features a powerful, god-like figure carrying in his arms a limp body; in background, towering cloud with lightning and waves. Around, MIDLAND · UTILITIES · MEDAL; in exergue, · 1928 (AF monogram)

The reverse bears burning candle. Around, AWARDED · IN · RECOGNITION · OF / GREAT · PUBLIC · SERVICE · IN / SAVING · HUMAN · LIFE; at bottom; · TO · / ALBERT - FARMER / · 19 - 33 ·

The edge is marked MEDALLIC ART CO. N.Y. SILVER

De Francisci designed this medal for the Midland Utilities Company as an award given to people who had saved a human life. The medals were expensively customized for each recipient and certainly not mass-produced.

This particular medal was awarded to Albert Farmer of Terre Haute, Indiana. Mr. Farmer, who worked as a railroad lineman for the Indiana Railroad Company, resuscitated the 4 year old Harry Sumner, saving him from drowning on July 31st, 1932.

The medal was first awarded in 1929. In 1933, the year in which this medal was awarded, only five life saving medal were awarded, providing an indication of the rarity of this medal.

The medal measures 64mm in diameter and was struck in bronze and silver by the Medallic Art Company of New York. No mintages are reported.

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