Fruit of the Loom Centennial1951
by Julio Kilényi
Bronze with brown patina

The obverse shows the distinctive Fruit of the Loom logo comprising an apple, leaves, grapes and currants with FRUIT OF THE LOOM in banner above.

The reverse depicts a tree-lined way with branches joining above. Inscription field in lower half, TO THOSE WHO HAVE SHARED / IN BUILDING OUR PRICELESS HERITAGE - / CONSUMER CONFIDENCE AND GOODWILL / 1851 - 1951; signed in lower left corner of field, KILENYI.

Fruit of the Loom is one of the oldest American brands still in existence. The brand dates back to 1851 when Robert Knight, a textile mill owner, visited his friend Rufus Skeel. Mr. Skeel owned a small shop in Providence, Rhode Island that sold cloth from Mr. Knight's mill. Mr. Skeel's daughter painted images of apples and applied them to the bolts of cloth. The ones with the apple emplems proved most popular. Mr. Knight thought the labels would be the perfect symbol for his trade name "Fruit of the Loom." When Congress passed the first trademark laws in 1870, Mr. Knight applied for protection and in 1871 received trademark #418 for the brand name "Fruit of the Loom.".

The medal celebrates the first one hundred years of the company's existence. Appropriately, the famous logo completely dominates the medal's obverse.

This medal is an irregular round measuring approximately 73mm in diameter.