All America Package Competition Plaque1920-30
Bronze with hematite red patina

The uniface plaque bears lounging young woman holding cornucopia filled with consumer goods; behind her, map of continental United States with major rivers; star above. At top right, ALL AMERICA / PACKAGE / COMPETITION; at bottom, SPONSORED BY / MODERN PACKAGING; signed below cornucopia, GERTA RIES

Modern Packaging was a professional magazine targeting, who would have guessed it, the packaging industry. Sometime in the 1920's or 30's they had a national competition for innovative packaging solutions. Most likely, this plaque was used as an award for the winners of the competition.

This is one of my favorite commercial plaques. Gerta Wiener signed it with her maiden name "Ries", so she was probably early in her career when she received this commission. The plaque's very high, art deco style relief and clear lines make it stand out among its peers, both literally and figuratively.

I would welcome more information about this plaque, particularly about the foundry and the dates of plaque and competition.

This rounded rectangular plaque measures 224mm x 168mm and was cast in bronze.