Commercial Credit Company 25th Anniversary1937
by Hans Schuler

The obverse bears likeness of Alexander Edward Duncan. Around, COMMERCIAL CREDIT COMPANY / ALEXANDER EDWARD DUNCAN - FOUNDER; to left and right of portrait, 1912 / 1937; signed at lower right (HS monogram).

The reverse bears male nude with horn of plenty, seated, beholding skyline of New York City and sun on horizon. Around, $300,000 - 1912 INVESTED CAPITAL 1937 - $63,500,000; In lower field, ALEXANDER E. DUNCAN - JAMES C. FENHAGEN / WILLIAM H. GRIMES - R. WALTER GRAHAM / ELI C. WAREHEIM - SYLVAN H. AUCHHEIMER / HENRY B. MATHEWS - FRANK M. NICODEMUS / WILLIAM A. KOEGEL - HARRY KRATZ / 1912.

The Commercial Credit Company was founded in Baltimore by Alexander E. Duncan and a group of eight businessmen. The company initially lent money to companies using their accounts receivable as security. Starting in 1916, the firm entered the growing field of auto finance, which became an ever increasingly important branch of its business until the 1930s, when the Great Depression caused auto sales to plunge. During this time, the firm bought several debt collection services and consolidated them under the name Textile Banking Co., Inc.

The Commercial Credit Company went through several transformations during its history, which extends to this day. In the 1980s and 90s, the company acquired the Control Data Corporation, Primerica Inc., Action Data Services, Inc., the loan partfolio of Barclays American Financial and Landmark Financial Services Inc.

The edge is marked MEDALLIC ART CO N.Y / BRONZE.

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