Pangborn Corporation - Fiftieth Anniversary1954
Bronze with tan patina

The medal's obverse was designed by Joseph E. Renier and bears conjoined busts of founding brothers, facing right. Around, · COMMEMORATING A HALF CENTURY PARTNERSHIP WITH INDUSTRY · / THOMAS W. PANGBORN - JOHN C. PANGBORN; signed at left over shoulder, (JER monogram)

The reverse was designed by Ralph J. Menconi and bears aireal view of the Pangborn facility in Hagerstown, Maryland. Above, FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY / 1904 - 1954; around bottom, PANGBORN CORPORATION · HAGERSTOWN · MARYLAND; under plant, BLAST CLEANING AND / DUST CONTROL / EQUIPMENT

The edge is marked MEDALLIC ART CO.N.Y.

The Pangborn Corporation was founded in 1904 when Thomas W. Pangborn developed the process known as sandblasting, which combines compressed air and sand to clean metal by particle impact. He and his brother John co-founded the Pangborn Corporation in 1904 and it has survived to this day, now known as the Pangborn Group.

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