All America Cables 50th Anniversary Medallion1928

The medal's obverse bears winged female over ocean, bundle of lightning bolts in one hand, thick cable in other. Around top, ALL AMERICA CABLES; signed over ocean surface at right, KILENYI

The reverse shows coastal scene with four natives on promontory signaling the arrival of a European sailing vessel across bay by way of smoke signals. Around top, FROM THE FIRST SIGNAL FIRES TO ALL AMERICA CABLES; at bottom, COMMEMORATING / FIFTY YEARS / OF SERVICE / TO THE AMERICAS / 1878 · MAY · 6 · 1928 ·

All America Cables was formed in February 1920 when it took over the assets of the Central and South American Telegraph Company. In 1938 All America Cables merged with the Commercial Cable Company and Mackay Radio & Telegraph to form the American Radio and Cable Corporation.

The circular medallion measures 82mm in diameter and was struck in bronze by the Whitehead & Hoag Company of Newark, New Jersey.