Plymouth Tercentenary1920

The obverse bears bust of pilgrim, left. Around, PLYMOUTH TERCENTENARY; to left and right of bust, 1620 - 1920; signed below date on right, KILENYI

The reverse bears the seals of the Boston Numismatic Society and the town of Plymouth separated by a burning torch; wreath of laurel (left) and oak (right) tied at bottom behind seals. Around top, SIXTIETH ANNIVERSARY; in upper center, BOSTON / NUMISMATIC / SOCIETY

The Boston Numismatic Society was founded in 1860 and celebrated its sixtieth anniversary by issuing this medal. Plymouth, or as it was historically known, Plimoth, was the site chosen for the colony founded by the passengers of the Mayflower. Today, a wonderful living history museum called Plimoth Plantation allows visitors of all ages to experience life in 1627 from the perspectives of both the settlers and the Native Americans.

The circular medal measures 62.8mm in diameter and was struck in bronze by Whitehead and Hoag of Newark, New Jersey.