J. Walter Thompson Centennial Medallion1964

The obverse bears a reproduction of the Lidov Mural in the JWT headquarters building. At top, JWT.

The reverse shows a representation of the areas in which JWT was active in 1964. Above, J. WALTER THOMPSON COMPANY; below, 1864 - 1964.

From the romance brochure that accompanied the medallion:

"The J. Walter Thompson Company began its operations in the advertising field in 1864. The world population at that time was 1,144,000,000, and advertising was not a major factor in the affairs of men.
Today, as we enter our second century, the world population is three billion, and advertising has become a potent economic force.
J. Walter Thompson moves into its future with the expression of its belief in the depth and searching restlessness of the human mind and spirit.

The Lidov Mural is permanently installed in JWT's headquarters building in New York City. It was commissioned by JWT and completed in 1964 to symbolize the communications among the four races of man.

The medallion measures 76mm x 51mm and was struck by the Medallic Art Company of New York.