Lock Joint Pipe Company - Fifty Years1955

The obverse bears crane holding pipeline segment over already finished pipeline; workers pushing on hanging segment. Above, LOCK JOINT PIPE COMPANY; on left and right, 1905 - 1955; below, FIFTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.

The reverse bears logo, L / J over pipe; above REINFORCED CONCRETE PIPE; to left and right, WATER / SEWER; below, SUBAQUEOUS.

The edge is marked at 6:00, MEDALLIC ART CO. N.Y. BRONZE.

During its almost 80 year history, the Lock Joint Pipe Company was a manufacturer of concrete pipes for underground water pipelines. At one point, it was the largest supplier of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe in the United States. The company dissolved in 1984.

The medal measures 75mm in diameter.

References: MACo 1954-007