New York Life Insurance Company1905

The medal's obverse bears eagle atop globe born by two nude men, clouds and sun rays behind. Around upper half, NEW-YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY; in exergue, MDCCCXLV - MDCCCCV / APRIL TWELFTH; at right, J K DAVISON'S SONS.

The medal's reverse bears four medal images bearing company presidents over wreath around central medal image. From right, JAS.DeP.OGDEN 1845-1847; A.M.MERCHANT 1847-1848; MORRIS FRANKLIN 1848-1885; WM.H.BEERS 1885-1892; JOHN A. MCCALL 1892.

The medal's obverse at least borrows from August St. Gaudens' sculpture on top of the Kansas City headquarters of New York Life Insurance Company. The designer and sculptor of this medal are not known to me and any information would be appreciated.

This medal measures 76mm (3in) in diameter. It was struck by J.K. Davison's and Sons of Philadelphia.