Addressograph Multigraph 25 Year Service Medallion1936

The obverse bears male figure standing at right, wearing chain and plate armor and holding a jousting lance in one hand while resting the other on pommel of sword. Around, ADDRESSOGRAPH MULTIGRAPH TWENTY-FIVE YEAR SERVICE MEDAL; octagonal AM logo at right; inscribed with AWARDED / TO / C. P. RODHOLM / 1946

The reverse bears logo-crested shield with legend IN GRATEFUL / RECOGNITION OF / ABILITY AND LOYALTY / DURING A QUARTER / CENTURY OF / FAITHFUL SERVICE / (signature).

The edge is marked MEDALLIC ART CO. N.Y. - BRONZE.

Joseph Smith Duncan developed the first Addressograph in 1892. That model consisted of a hexagonal wood block onto which he glued rubber type which had been torn from rubber stamps. While revolving, the block simultaneously inked the next name and address ready for the next impression.

In 1932 the company merged with American Multigraph of Cleveland, Ohio, to form the Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation manufacturing highly efficient addressograph and duplicating machines. In 1982 the company declared bancruptcy, probably because it just could not compete with the electronic publishing and copying industry.

The circular medal measures 100.3mm and is struck in bronze by the Medallic Art Company of New York. No mintage is reported.

References: MACo 1936-011