Allied Artists of America Medal1925

This medal's obverse bears nude male figure restraining rearing winged steed. Signed at right above exergue, (RCW monogram)

The medal's reverse bears facade of Brown & Bigelow building. At top of building, THE HOVSE OF QVALITY / BROWN & BIGELOW; zodiac symbols all around. Signed in exergue, RCWAKEMAN

The edge is marked with MEDALLIC ART CO. N.Y. BRONZE

The Allied Artists of America, Inc., as it is now known, was founded in New York City in the year 1914. The twelve original founders were Ernest Albert, Paul Cornoyer, Marshal Fry, Edmund Greacen, Arthur Powell, Walter C. Hartson, William R. Leigh, Frederick Mulhaupt, G. Glenn Newell, H. Ledyard Towle, H. A. Vincent and Jules Turcas. Its goal is to further the cause of contemporary American artists through its Annual National Open Exhibition in New York City, open to all members and non- members, demonstrations, lectures, awards at the Annual, slide program, a newsletter mentioning all activities of the Members and Associate Members and other cultural activities.

I am not quite sure how Brown & Bigelow came to be commemorated on the medal's reverse, but they likely were a big financial supporter of the organization or possibly underwrote the medal's production. The earliest reference I found to a Brown and Bigelow Award Medal dates to 1929.

The medal measures 63mm in diameter and was struck in bronze and gold by the Medallic Art Company of New York.

References: MACo 1925-042