Wendnagel - 100th Anniversary1956
Bronze with tan patina

The medal's obverse shows company's products: a wooden water tank and steel-framed hall, crane with Wendnagel label in front. Above, WOOD TANKS - STRUCTURAL STEEL; to left and right, 1856 - 1956.

The reverse has two rings surrounding center. In center, 100 / YEARS; inner ring contains three "W" letters equally distributed; outer ring, WENDNAGEL - A CENTURY OF SERVICE TO INDUSTRY.

Wendnagel & Co. was originally established in Chicago, Illinois as Louis Wendnagel & Co. in 1856. In 1891, the sons Eugene and William took over and renamed the company to account for the change in leadership. The company specialized on the manufacturing of structural steel and wooden tanks.

The medal measures 73mm in diameter and was struck in bronze by the Medallic Art Company of New York.