Berwind White Coal Mining Company 50th Anniversary 1936
by Tiffany & Company

The obverse shows a kneeling miner holding a chunk of ore and a pickaxe. Around, THE BERWIND WHITE COAL MINING CO 50TH ANNIVERSARY;

The reverse bears two square panels, the left one showing a steamship, the right one a factory with freight train in front. Banners above and below, reading EUREKA and 1886 - 1936; signed at bottom TIFFANY & CO.

The edge is marked with an Old-English "M", representing Edward C. Moore, a director and manager of a silver ware factory.

The Berwind White Coal Mining Company was started as a partnership between Edward Julius Berwind, Charles Berwind, and Congressman Allison White. At the beginning of the 20th centry the company was one of the largest producers of coal. In 1962 the family corporation diversified into other industries and seems to have done very well; by 2007 its real estate holdings alone were estimated to be worth $3 billion.

The medal measures 81.3mm in diameter and was struck by Tiffany & Company of New York.

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