The Saint Nicholas Society of New York

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Saint Nicholas Society Medal 1903
by Tiffany & Co.

The medal's obverse bears seal of New York within ornate shield surmounted by eagle, flanked by figures of Native American and European settler. Around, ST · NICHOLAS · SOCIETY · FOUNDED · FEB · 28 · 1835; in exergue, NEW YORK CITY / 1903

The medal's reverse bears figure of Peter Stuyvesant against background of early Dutch-style brick buildings. Around, NEW · AMSTERDAM · MUNICIPAL · GOVERNMENT · PROCLAIMED · FEB · 2 · 1655; in exergue, · PETER STUYVESANT · / · DIRECTOR GENERAL ·

This medal, struck for the St. Nicholas Society in 1903, commemorates the establishment of municipal government in New Amsterdam, by proclamation of Governor Stuyvesant and the council, on February 2, 1653. Before that time, the city government had been coordiante with that of the province of New Netherland. From 1635 until the end of the Dutch rule, the city was governed by a schout, two burgomasters, and five schepens.

The circular medal measures 50mm in diameter and was struck in bronze by Tiffany & Co. of New York City. No mintages have been reported.