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Allied Artists of America Medal1930
Silver-plated bronze

The obverse bears three figures representing poets, painters, and sculptors, ech holding tools of their trade; behind them rearing Pegasus. Around, ALLIED - ARTISTS - OF - AMERICA; around bottom, above exergue, signed and dated with U · ELLERHUSEN - 1930

The reverse bears naked, kneeling muse, facing left, holding painter's palette in right hand and small figurine in outstretched left. To left, MUTUM / EST / PICTURA / POEMA; signed and dated under palette, GEO LOBER / 1930

The Allied Artists of America was founded in New York City in the year 1914. The twelve original founders were Ernest Albert, Paul Cornoyer, Marshal Fry, Edmund Greacen, Arthur Powell, Walter C. Hartson, William R. Leigh, Frederick Mulhaupt, G. Glenn Newell, H. Ledyard Towle, H. A. Vincent and Jules Turcas.

This medal is a collaborative effort of two great medallic artists: Ulric Ellerhusen designed the obverse and Georg Lober the reverse. The motto on the reverse translates roughly to:

"A picture is a silent poem."

The circular medal was struck by the Medallic Art Company of New York. No mintage is reported.

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