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American Orchid Society Medal1924
18Kt Gold

This medal's obverse bears kneeling Native American brave facing right, holding risp of orchids growing from raised ground on right. In ground at right, signed (BA monogram).

On the medal's reverse, around circumference, AMERICAN (flower) ORCHID (flower) SOCIETY; in center field, AWARDED TO / C. M. WOOLEY / FOR 100-FOOT / GROUP OF ORCHIDS. / NEW YORK / MAY 10, 1928.

The edge is marked with MEDALLIC ART CO. N.Y. 18Kt

This is a very feminine medal in which the Native American brave seems lost in contemplation while studying the risp of orchids. He seems totally relaxed with his right arm hanging at his side, the hand closed loosely around a length of string or plant fiber. The theme conveys both the native origin of the plants and the gentle nature of the hobby of orchid cultivation. We're leaving aside for the moment the fiercely competitive aspect of any organized club activity.

This beautiful medal was converted into a brooch or a pendant at some point in the past by soldering a clasp and a loop to its reverse. We can be grateful that the obverse was left alone and that the alterations appear to have been performed by a skilled jeweler.

The circular medal measures 41.4mm in diameter and was struck in 18Kt gold by the Medallic Art Company of New York.

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