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Institute of Radio Engineers Medal of Honor1917

This medal's obverse bears nude male and female figures in flight, representing electromagnetism, lightning surrounding male figure and small bolts between the two figures' hands. Above and below, INSTITUTE / OF / RADIO / ENGINEERS

The medal's reverse bears decorative branches in wreath shape around dedication in center field, TO / GEORGE A. CAMPBELL / IN RECOGNITION / OF DISTRINGUISHED / SERVICE IN / RADIO / COMMUNICATION / 1936

The edge is marked with MEDALLIC ART CO. N.Y. BRONZE

The Institute of Radio Engineers was a professional organization which existed from 1912 until 1962. In 1963 it merged with the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) to form the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Starting in 1917, the Institute awarded its Medal of Honor to engineers who had created useful advances in the field of radio communications. The award recipient in 1936 was Dr. George A. Campbell, a retired scientist, for his contribution to the theory of electrical networks. He invented the electric wave filter, a foundational element of modern electronic communications equipment.

The medal is still issued today under the auspices of the IEEE.

The medal measures 76mm in diameter and was struck in bronze and gold by the Medallic Art Company of New York.

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