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Hudson-Fulton Medal1909

This medal was the 23rd official issue of the American Numismatic Society.

The obverse bears Henry Hudson and sailors on the Halve Maen during the hoisting of some freight onto the ship. Around top, DISCOVERY OF HUDSON RIVER BY HENRY HUDSON A D MDCIX; at lower left, THE AMERICAN NUMISMATIC SOCIETY; at lower right, HUDSON-FULTON CELEBRATION COMM.; in exergue, HALVE MAEN; signed in lower right corner, E FUCHS

The reverse bears three seated female figures representing Steam Navigation, History, and Commerce; above, portrait of Robert Fulton. In background, views of New York in 1807 and 1909. Below portrait, ROBERT FULTON / 1765 1815; in exergue, FIRST USE OF STEAM NAVIGATION / ON THE HUDSON RIVER / 1807; signed in lower right corner, E FUCHS

This medal, in one of its many variants, is probably one of the most common ANS medals being traded. There are 15 known variants ranging from 1¼in silver-plated to 3in gold and 4in silver. Even the large gold variant had 11 pieces produced! This is probably the most successful ANS medal ever.

The offical medal measures 76mm in diameter and was struck by Tiffany & Company of New York as well as Whitehead and Hoag of Newark. The reported mintage for the official ANS issue is 100 pieces in silver but there is a wide range of variants that are listed separately.

References: Baxter 99, Marqusee 186, 187

J. Pierpont Morgan Memorial Medal1913

This is the 30th official issue of the American Numismatic Society.

The obverse bears facade of building with four columns; in center, female figure representing Art descending steps, holding statuette in right and laurel wreath in left hand. On sides, representations of Painting and Sculpture. Above, CHARACTER RELIGION FRIENDSHIP; immediately below, MDC / CCXXX / VII and MCM / XIII; at lower left, (ANS seal); signed at lower right, E. FUCHS

The reverse bears tablet inscribed JOHN / PIERPONT / MORGAN flanked by two draped figures, female holding palm branch representing Fame at left, male with sledge hammer and anvil representing Industry at right.

The rectangular medal measures 90mm x 74mm and was struck by Whitehead and Hoag of Newark, New Jersey. The mintage is 1 piece in gold, 100 pieces in silver and an 200 pieces in bronze.

References: Baxter 292, Marqusee 188

90mm x 74mm
90mm x 74mm
90mm x 74mm
Peace and War1919

The obverse bears kneeling nude female figure gazing upwards in supplication. At bottom, PEACE; signed at bottom left, EMIL FUCHS

The reverse depicts a fight between two muscular nude male figures, one almost cowering, the other looming above him in almost theatrical pose. WAR inscribed in the exergue; signed at bottom left, EMIL FUCHS

The bottom edge is marked with "PAT PENDING" CARTIER NEW YORK - PARIS - LONDON; numbered 24 on left edge.

This medal was issued by Cartier and struck to commemorate the Treaty of Versailles marking the end of World War I. Miller also notes that

"Fuchs had previously submitted a design to the American Numismatic Society for its Peace medal. The Society eventually awarded the commission to Chester Beach. Although there is no documentation to support this theory, it is possible that this medal reflects that rejected design.

The medal measures 48mm x 70mm and was struck in bronze and silver by Cartier.

References: Miller 44, Baxter 322, Marqusee 190

H. J. Heinz Company 70th Anniversary1939

The obverse bears bust of H. J. Heinz facing right. Around upper edge, 1869 - H.J.HEINZ COMPANY - 1939; around lower edge, to left and right, H.J. HEINZ - FOUNDER

The reverse bears founder's house and garden, founding year 1869 next to house; Across, IN COMMEMORATION / OF THE SEVENTIETH / ANNIVERSARY OF / THE FOUNDING OF / H.J. HEINZ CO.

The edge is marked MEDALLIC ART CO. N.Y. BRONZE

The medal's obverse was designed by Emil Fuchs in 1922 for the H.J. Heinz Company medal which was issued to those of its 6,500 employees who had served twelve years. The Fuchs design was reused for a number of company commemorative issues, including this one. The reverse was designed and sculpted by Rene P. Chambellan.

The medal measures 76mm (3in) in diameter and was struck in bronze by the Medallic Art Company of New York.

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