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Abraham Lincoln - Columbian Exposition Medal 1893

This medal's obverse bears bust of younger, unbearded Lincoln right. Around, 1809 ★ ABRAHAM ★★ LINCOLN ★ 1865; signed over shoulder at left, Zearing

The reverse bears excerpts from Lincoln's second inaugural address at top and his Cooper Union address at bottom. The excerpts are: WITH / MALICE TOWARD / NONE ⚪ WITH CHARITY / FOR ALL ⚪ WITH FIRMNESS / IN THE RIGHT AS GOD / GIVES VS TO SEE THE / RIGHT LET VS STRIVE ON / (thirteen stars) / LET VS HAVE FAITH THAT / RIGHT MAKES MIGHT AND / IN THAT FAITH LET VS / TO THE END DARE TO / DO OVR DVTY AS WE / VNDERSTAND IT

The two quotations on the reverse are taken from two of Lincoln's famous speeches. The first quotation is from the end of his second inaugural address on March 4th, 1865. The second quotation is from his February 27, 1860 address at the Cooper Union in New York.

This was one of many medals created for the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 in Chicago.

The medal measures 48mm and was struck in silver, bronze, gilt, copper, brass, aluminum and white metal.

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