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Vanitas 1986
by Marika Somogyi
Golden bronze with deep tan patina

This medal was chosen as the 113th issue of the prestigious Society of Medalists series in 1986.

The obverse bears naked woman in diadem and necklace admiring herself in a hand-held mirror which forms the center hole. At right, script signature Marika 86

The reverse bears Pan-like devil drawing aside a curtain to peer back through the mirror square; skull, compass, and open book below. On the curtain, VANITAS

Marika Somogyi wrote in the brochure that accompanied the medal:

"A mirror contains an image, yet it does not. What is on the other side? This can be a very childish or a profound question."

After Richard McDermott Miller's Escape and Capture this was the second SOM medal in a row to feature a center hole.

The irregular subovoid measures 60mm x 73mm and was produced by the Medallic Art Company. Its reported mintage is 750 in bronze.

60.0mm x 73.0mm (2.36in x 2.87in)
Golden bronze with deep tan patina
Adam and Eve in the Garden 1989

This was the 17th of the prestigious Brookgreen Gardens member medals, issued in 1989.

The obverse bears apple tree with male and female bodies cleverly worked into trunk. Along bottom left and right, BROOKGREEN GARDENS - SOUTH CAROLINA; signed near top at right, Marika '88.

The reverse bears nude male, back turned on left half, nude female facing, holding apple across divide; entire side styled as apple cut in half.

The medal's edge is marked MACO CU.

The apple-shaped medal measures 82mm x 75mm and was struck in copper by the Medallic Art Company.

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