Medals relating to Goodyear

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The Goodyear Trophy Race Medal1947
Goodyear Trophy Race Medal

The medal bears a flying eagle and nude man, holding GOODYEAR banner in eft and small plane in right, over swirling clouds. Above, NATIONAL AIR RACES; below, GOODYEAR TROPHY RACE; to right, signed (monogram PRC).

Chambellan did a lot of work for Goodyear. In addition to this trophy medallion, he designed several medals for Goodyear dealers and business partners.

It is not known when Chambellan designed this medal but it was first awarded in 1947. The Goodyear Trophy Race was a newly introduced event at the Cleveland National Air Races in 1947. At the end of the first post-war Cleveland National Air Races, a lot of specators had walked out because the ex-military airplanes were too similar and as a consequence the races were not as exciting to watch as the pre-war competitions that had sported highly individual racing airplanes. The organizers resurrected an old idea for small, low-powered, custom-built "midget" airplanes that could race around a smaller track closer to the spectators. The Goodyear Trophy Race was born.

There is no information about the medal itself that I could locate and I would appreciate any help. My copy is mounted an a 268mm x 200mm (10.5in x 7 7/8in) wooden board with a name plate reading ROBERT S. HOPKINS / RACE PLANE BUILDER / 1947.

Goodyear Friendly Service - 30 Year Medallion1948

The uniface medal's obverse bears art deco style hand holding a chemical flask in front of plinth with winged steed. To left and around, 30 / YEAR OF - FRIENDLY RELATIONS; at lower right, GOOD (winged foot logo) YEAR / A LEADER IN / RESEARCH; signed at bottom right, (RC monogram)

This is the 30 year version of Rene Chambellan's Goodyear series of medallions. All of these medallions came mounted to a wooden board to be hung in offices or shops that were selling Goodyear product. The design of this medal borrows heavily from another medal Chambellan designed in the same year. That medal was a generic Arts award medal that did not include the chemical vessels but shared the basic design with this medal.

The circular medal measures 108mm and is struck in bronze by the Medallic Art Company of New York. No mintage is reported.

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