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Snow and Sand 1988
by Patricia Lewis Verani
Golden bronze with tan patina

This medal was chosen as the 118th issue of the prestigious Society of Medalists series in 1988.

The obverse bears Inuit hunter driving four-husky dogsled toward viewer; raised rim around top and sides.

The reverse bears Arab riding lead dromedary toward right of viewer; three other dromedaries in background; raised rim around bottom and sides. Signed in lower right field with PV monogram.

Patricia Verani wrote in the medal's brochure:

"My initial idea was to show how man animals there are of service to man, either as draft animals, seeing eye dogs, of dolphins finding things at the bottom of the sea. As I progressed further in my designs it became obvious that this would result in an extremely crowded medal. Then I decided to choose only two subjects, one for each side, and to add drama and interest I made my medal a study in constrasts."

This is the only trapezoidal medal in the series. It measures 29mm at narrow end, 67mm at wide end, 72mm in height. It was struck in bronze by the Medallic Art Company which did not report production numbers for this medal. The edition is limited to 2,500.

67.0mm x 72.0mm (2.64in x 2.83in)
Golden bronze with tan patina
Polished Aluminium
67.0mm x 72.0mm (2.64in x 2.83in)
National Sculpture Society Centenary Medal1993
Copper-toned bronze

This uniface medal bears a Janus-faced bust, classic, older and bearded face left, younger and clean-shaven face right. Above heads, 1893; below, 1993; across, NATI - ONAL / SCULP - TURE / SOC - IETY; signed over lower year number, (PV monogram)

The edge is marked BRONZE.

Patricia Verani won the competition for this medal in 1992 which put her in very good company: earlier anniversary medals had been designed by such greats as Donald de Lue, Thomas LoMedico and Margaret Grigor.

The medal subtly hints at how the NSS understands itself: the classical tradition in the past, the youthful outlook in the future, combined in one whole. The year numbers are on a wood-textured background which alludes to Society's belief in sculpture that is inspired by the natural world.

The oval medal measures 77mm x 53mm and was struck in bronze.

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