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Man's First Landing on the Moon Medal1969
Deeply toned silver

This medal's obverse bears an astronaut standing in victor's pose on exaggeratedly curved moon surface. Around top, MAN'S FIRST LANDING ON THE MOON 20TH JULY 1969; around bottom, NEIL ARMSTRONG - COL EDWIN ALDRIN - COL MICHAEL COLLINS; signed above moon surface at right, P VINCZE

The reverse bears Hermes with staff in front of launching Saturn V rocket in center circle. Around center circle are twelve circles showing various mission stages. Signed to right of staff, P VINCZE

This beautifully toned silver medal celebrates the first manned landing on the moon. I remember being glued to the TV screen as a child, waiting for touchdown while drawing space ship after space ship. The first moon landing was commemorated in countless medals, but this is one of the most beautiful.

The circular medal measures 64mm in diameter and was struck in silver by Robert Smith & Reading, England.

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