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Sir Francis Drake Medal1907
by Rudolf Marschall

This medal is the 17th official issue of the American Numismatic Society.

The obverse bears bust of Drake, slightly left, in period dress with ruff collar. Above, SIR FRANCIS DRAKE 1540 - 1596; at lower right, signed Marschall; below, in lower left corner, 19 (ANS oak leaves) 07

The reverse bears a portion of the "Silver Map" medal showing the Americas. At lower left, IN COMMEMORATION OF THE / DISCOVERY AND LANDING / VPON THE / NORTH-WESTERN COAST OF AMERICA / BY THE / FIRST ENGLISH CIRCVMNAVIGATOR / A D 1579

The medal measures 56mm x 65mm and was struck by the Imperial-Royal Mint of Vienna, Austria. The mintage is reported as 1 piece in gold, 102 in silver and 102 in bronze.

Truth Seeker1925

The obverse bears a striding, loin-cloth wearing male holding torch in front, as if lighting his way. In background, city skyline with skyscrapers along with ships on river. Above, SEEK TRUTH; below, IX APRIL MCMXXV; signed at right, R MARSCHALL

The reverse bears raised inscription, FROM EDWARD DEAN / ADAMS

Edward Dean Adams was a banker and industrialist. He was an influential member of the American Numismatic Society where he was a Council Member and deeply involved with the selection of artists and the coining of the medals issued by the Society. He was familiar with Marschall's work from the 1907 medal commemorating Sir Francis Drake and commissioned him privately to create this medal in 1925.

Rudolf Marschall was an Austrian sculptor but his fame and artistry led to a number of commissions in the United States.

The cicrcular medal measures 82mm in diameter.

The President's Trophy Plaque1940

The uniface plaque bears a young woman, facing left, holding out a victor's wreath. Above, PRESIDENTS / TROPHY; signed along lower right edge, R MARSCHALL FEC.

Marschall's basic plaque design proved to be very popular as an award. The Medallic Art Company created four differently sized versions of the plaque and just changed the inscriptions for different customers. I do not know the organization that awarded this "President's Trophy" and would welcome any additional information.

This piece measures 164mm x 140mm.

References: MACo 1940-019

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