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Harlow and Louise Brooks Medallion

The uniface medallion's obverse bears conjoined busts of Harlow and Louise Brooks facing right; native American pattern around top. In exergue, Harlow and Louise Brooks / (totem symbol); signed to right of Louise with (RB monogram)

Harlow and Louise Brooks were Ruth's parents and she immortalized them on several medallions and medals. She was deeply influenced by the patterns and designs of the Western tribes and used them as decorations on this design.

This irregularly circular medallion measures 91mm in diameter and is mounted on a wooden display board.


The model bears portrait of young boy facing right. To right, CHIP; signed around left, R.B. HOFFMAN

Hoffman was Ruth's married name and I don't know whether Chip was her son, a relative, or totally unrelated. I also don't know whether this design model was ever converted to a finished medal. It would have deserved it.

This irregularly circular model is inset into a wooden display board.

Monarch of the Plains1934

The obverse bears image of powerful buffalo with lowered head. Below, MONARCH OF THE PLAINS; at left edge, 1934; at right edge © / Ruth W Brooks.

The reverse bears large panel of text. At top, THE FIRST DESCRIPTION OF / THE AMERICAN BUFFALO; below, lengthy quote in Spanish; at bottom, © As written in 1542 by (signature) Alvar Nunez Cabeza da Vaca - (RB monogram).

Edge marked with MEDALLIC ART CO. N.Y. / BRONZE.

Ruth Brooks was involved with the "American Bison Monument" project in 1934 and 1935. Her design for the medal's obverse probably reflects that project but I could not find any details. I don't know whether she submitted a design and was not selected or whether she worked on it in some capacity. Your assistance in tracking down more information would be very welcome.

This medal measures 85mm x 60mm and was struck in bronze by the Medallic Art Company of New York.

References: MACo 1934-014

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