"Fire and Ice" by Eugene Daub

Fire and Ice 1990
by Eugene Daub

This medal was chosen as the 121st issue of the prestigious Society of Medalists series in 1990. The obverse bears a rugged, bearded face left, in high relief, merging with swirls of flame.

The reverse bears a craggy bearded visage dripping with ice.

Daub explained his intent in the accompanying message "From the Artist":

"Joy - Suffering, Hot - Cold... everything in life is held in balance between extremes. Opposites! These powerful forces go back and forth in cycles. The medal is the ideal medium for this theme because of the two opposing sides of the medal."

The medal is struck in copper, giving the "Fire" side a natural flame color. The "Ice" side is silver-plated, giving it a cold, frozen look, particularly when contrasted with the obverse. Did the message inspire the medal or vice versa? Regardless, Daub did a wonderful job in using two metals to enhance the message.

This medal is an irregular oval measuring 74mm x 64mm and was produced by the Medallic Art Company. Production was not reported but the edition was limited to 2,500 pieces.

74.0mm x 64.0mm (2.91in x 2.52in)