"Flight of Icarus" by Joseph Sheppard

Flight of Icarus 1992
by Joseph Sheppard

This medal was chosen as the 124th issue of the prestigious Society of Medalists series in 1992.

The obverse bears Icarus with wings attached flying towards the sun, smaller figure of Daedalus in flight at lower right. At lower left, signed Sheppard 92

The reverse bears small figure of Daedalus at upper left with Icarus falling below him. On mountain above, signed Sheppard 92

Joseph Sheppard used the Icarus myth to highlight the danger of modern technologies. In the brochure accompanying the medal he wrote:

"The design of this art medal portrays the myth of Daedalus and Icarus and represents to me the freedom offered by new inventions and teh danger that comes with misuse of them. Daedalus, after inventing wax wings to escape from Crete, warned his son, Icarus, 'Follow me closely, do not set your own course!' Icarus disobeyed his father and soared close to the sun and his wings melted.

The medal measures 102mm in diameter and was produced by the Medallic Art Company. Its mintage is not reported.

102.0mm (4.02in)
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