"Old Kabul Bazaar" by Amanullah Haiderzad

Old Kabul Bazaar 1994
by Amanullah Haiderzad

This medal was chosen as the 127th issue of the prestigious Society of Medalists series in 1994.

The uniface medal's obverse depicts a crowded street scene in Kabul. A tall arch reveals a narrow way lined with shops stretching into a great distance. In the foreground are various street sellers, a bicycle, a donkey laden with baskets of fruit, a woman filling a vessl with water, etc.

The only uniface medal ever produced for the Society represents a view into a different culture. Professor Haiderzad is a native of Afghanistan and depicted a street scene of Afghanistan's capital before the Soviet invasion.

In 1994, the year the medal was produced, the Taliban were just emerging as a force and America was still on friendly terms as an ally whose weapons had helped defeat the Soviet invaders of Afghanistan. The world has certainly changed since then.

The medal measures 102mm x 103mm and was produced by the Medallic Art Company. Its mintage was not reported.

102.0mm x 103.0mm (4.02in x 4.06in)